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Commendation from United Nations Ambassador

It is a great opportunity to join Daystar as a Christian group on a wonderful trip to minister God’s word to the under privileged in need of Christ.

As a Youth Coordinator, it is a life changing experience and a blessing to receive Christ in my life.

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Medical Report from Kenema

On Wednesday the 13th of June, 2012, The Daystar Adopt-a-Village team of eighteen individuals arrived in Kenema in order to provide their services and support to the community and members of Bethel Temple Ministries. Below are the benefits and support Daystar provided to the people of Kenema:

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Mission Report 2012

It is always exciting to get ready for the annual mission trip to Sierra Leone and even though this is our eleventh trip it is no less exciting. Confirming participants, ordering medications, purchasing tickets, collecting Bibles, gently used clothing, books and other donations, packing, etc.

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